5,376 hours away

Scarf, top, leggings, ring - Forever 21, boots - local shop, satchel - American Eagle
Camera c/o my dad: Nikon D3100

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend & a not-so-Monday Monday.

I’ve literally just come home from school and am being a busy bee on my computer. Answering & checking emails, printing off class syllabuses, etc, etc. and I couldn’t be in better spirits. So I wanted to go ahead a do a quick blog before I got into coursework reading (already?!) and making a surprise dinner for Chris.
Guys, today was my first day of my last year of college. Big stuff. And this is what I wore (and to be fair, what I wore yesterday too to a family reunion). I feel over summer and I’m ready to slink back into my way of dressing in autumn/winter. So I dug out my scarf (worn before here) and my boots.

I had only two classes today—fiction writing and nutrition. Both went well, but I’m ridiculously excited/intimidated for what the work load will be in fiction writing. Instead of doing three manuscripts of 10-15pgs like I’ve done in all my previous writing classes, we’re only doing one manuscript of 25pgs. It’s new and makes me nervous. I really want to make sure that I can come up with a special idea and make/write it into something special, especially since we’ll be working on it the entire semester. + that professor wants to us to audio the manuscript into an mp3 as our final. Which could be really fun to get creative with music, etc.

…that was a lot of rambling for me trying to say this: I’m home from school and I’m happy with my classes & my outfit and I’m cooking for my man tonight.

+ unnecessary photo of what I ate for lunch


  1. you look gorgeous, i love your outfit! and i'm glad that everything is going well, you sound so happy! Bex x

  2. yay for it being your last semester. & i love, love your entire outfit-- especially the scarf. ♥

  3. Hello, hello ...

    thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. Love this outfit! It looks cute and comfty :)

    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

  4. Hey! Great blog! And thanks for visiting mine! I'm now following you :) XOXO, www.NatalyasCloset.com

  5. Congrats on being your last year! Enjoy it while you can!! :)) I love your scarf and ring, and boots!.. haha and everything! :

    <3 Kelly

  6. this look's lovely & i love your wavy hair!


  7. Good luck with the new workload in fiction writing. You look beautiful in the picture, I love your outfit and the colour of your ring is gorgeous.



  8. look at your hair! it's beautiful! Really like this look, really love the attention to detailing and accessories. this is lvoely! x

  9. Good luck with your last year :)
    love the simplicity of this outfit, the boots are great and the scarf is really cool.

    Just stumbled upon your blog today, your style is really wonderful. Am now subscribing! Can't wait to see more ^_^ xoxo

  10. lovely style...
    btw... good luck :)

  11. love your scarf!! good luck with your work :D


  12. Lovely look!! the ring is gorgeous!
    Great blog :)



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