thursday's crumbs

1. DIY shorts with old F21 jeans 2. Free People catalog
3. Flowers for the coffee table 4. Today’s outfit

We’re on countdown for Chris’ surgery that is tomorrow morning at 6a, getting up at 4:30a. So I’m trying to keep busy! Meaning, I’m cleaning. Scrubbed the tub and that damn toilet (something I’ve been seriously putting off). I’ve been going through stacks of old magazines, cleaning up & organizing my desk, and going through my closet & boxes in my closet.

Anyway, in one of my winter clothes boxes, I came across these cargo pants I had bought last fall…and completely regret buying them. I was wanting to do a look like Nikki Hilton does here. So I bought a pair from Forever 21—mistake. This particular item was cheaply made—the material was stiff and rough and made it difficult to walk in! (The rule “you get what you pay for” is chiming in my head!) I wish I would’ve returned them when I had the chance, but now I’m stuck with them. I may try to make them work as shorts or just donate them. Any suggestions?


  1. Oh, I find cleaning is always great for keeping busy, haha. Hope the op goes well.

    x Michelle |

  2. Hope the operation goes well!

    Love that flower photo, it's gorgeous.


  3. Love the first photo - you are so crafty! And about the cargo pants, that has happened to me so many times - I have this bright idea that doesn't work out and then I feel SO guilty about it. I'd try to sell them to Plato's closet or something & get your money back out of them!


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