gypsy heart

Satchel, playsuit, sandals - Forever 21
Camera c/o my dad: Nikon D3100

Do you believe bad things happen in threes? Well, I think I do now! Proof from this past weekend: our projector lamp in our TV broke & the replacement costs $130, the NBA lockout continues (!!!), and a flat tire at midnight in a dim parking lot.

But on the bright side, we have have ordered our tickets for the final Harry Potter movie and I’m so so so excited. + two more so’s.

Alright, onto the outfit. A floral playsuit and my go-to sandals as of recent. Not much to it, but it's been perfect to slip into because it's so fuss free and comfortable for what the weather's been like. (, hot, & humid.) Oh, and it has pockets! I go a bit gaga for anything with pockets. That sounds a bit bizarre doesn't it? But seriously I do--it's so handy. I wore this out the other day to meet up with some friends and to lunch.
Did I mention that this little guy had his first birthday? He use to be so small! Even though I’m sure Ossie had no idea why, we got him a new toy, many treats, and gave him lots of extra loving!