do or dye

This week the weather has been 107°, 97°, 105°, & 103° in Oklahoma. And the best thing about the massive heat wave is that our air conditioner broke last week! Ugh. But despite the inconvenience, it’s been actually kind of nice to figure out ways to stay cool.

Yesterday, Chris and I spent the afternoon lying on top of our sheets. Listening to an old fan, shoulder to shoulder and toes touching. Talking and laughing and playing games. Roughing it isn’t too bad when it’s with him. I would never change it!

Notice anything a bit different? Hair hair hair! Three days ago I finally got my hair color touched up. Hopefully, I’ve been sneaky with my photos and you haven’t noticed how bad my roots were. Real bad…proof! I added more white-blonde. It feels so fresh and nice!

P.S. Harry Potter midnight showing tonight! I was watching some interviews with the cast and of course, J.K. Rowling, and I’m already getting all weepy! I can’t believe the book series & now the film series is coming to an end.