bottled up flowers

Top, sandals, bracelet, purse - Forever 21, skirt - local shop years ago
Camera c/o my dad: Nikon D3100

Happy Wednesday! I really haven’t been up to much. I’m trying to stay away from spending and instead focusing on working on a few little projects here and there. If they turn out nicely I may post about them!

This skirt I got years and years ago. Come to think of it, I think my mom may have bought it for me while I was still in high school! And back then I didn’t much like it or wear it. It seemed too frilly and I felt like cupcake wearing it. But I found it folded in with a bunch of my skirts and decided to give it out a try today. And I’m glad I kept it! Kudos to my mom!

The NBA released 2011-12 game schedule this week. The Lakers will be playing the Thunder opening night, which will be exciting. Assuming the lock-out is over by opening day and that there will be an actual basketball season happening this year. Here’s hoping!