you're a holiday, just the kind i like

Fedora - DIY, vest - Charlotte Russe, top - Blu Chic, leggings, bangle - Forever 21, quilted flats - local shop

Bless my father! Bless my father! I can finally do an outfit post courtesy of that man. Begrudgingly, I might add. (Him: “Alissa, this isn’t one of those things you can just borrow and keep so long I forget you have it. Bring it back. On Saturday.”) But borrowing none the less! And I am thrilled. Three days of outfits after a month of being camera-less = heaven.

In other news: it’s becoming outrageously hot in Oklahoma. I feel like I’ve been sweating since 9am. Why don’t I own any actual summer clothes?

*Camera model is Nikon D3100