hot start

I have dubbed “Faster Ride” by Cartel my summer song and have been listening to it maybe nine times in a row this morning.  (Yeah, it’s an old song, so what?) We are going a little man-shopping this afternoon! One of Chris’ closest friends is getting married in two weeks and Chris’ closet looks like it belongs to a boy-man. I’m serous. No dress pants, no button downs, not even a polo in there. Just Hanes and sport teams t-shirts. He told me likes Ryan Gosling in this outfit. Snazzy huh? I’m game.

Also, some disappointing news: I no longer have a camera! I can’t use the ones I had been using since I’m no longer taking art classes at university. It’s been a bit of mess of attempts, but even after offering to pay fees, etc. it’s been a no-go. I keep going through “I should just take a break from blogging” but I don’t want to. It sucks not having a camera to do photos/outfits but, blah…we’ll make it work! You may be seeing a lot of Alissa on the webcam again haha.

It’s almost the weekend, happy Thursday guys!


  1. Aaah I love those glasses! You're gorgeous!

  2. don't quit blogging! i stop by daily!

  3. pretty girl !
    if u want follow me and writte comment ;*

  4. Beautiful! Those glasses are cool! x


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