Can I just say that I hate the “can’t wear white dress to a wedding” rule. I get that the idea of it is to not upstage the bride. But c’mon, a cotton dress isn’t much competition for a wedding gown! I’m just saying if I’m going to be a spending an evening outside in the hot summer sun, like I will be on Saturday, I want to look effortless like Rachel Bilson does here.

But it’s bad taste to wear white, I know, so I’ll be a good sport and wear this Vero Moda dress from ASOS instead. Why I like it: it’s lightweight material, a playful print, and one shouldered. Though I like prints, I find that I rarely ever buy them so this is will be a nice addition to my wardrobe! And to avoid looking too leggy I’ll be pairing it with these gladiator sandals.

Who am I kidding, I will probably be wearing this casually around for the rest of the summer.


  1. What a gorgeous dress! I love anything with a cute print. I'm with you on wearing white to a wedding; a simple white dress is perfect for summer! Now that Pippa wore white to her sister's wedding, maybe rules will change. :o)

    I'm loving your blog. You're my new favorite read.

  2. This dress is fabulous! I feel like I must have it! He he!


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