thunder up or go home

Ring, sunglasses, satchel - forever 21, tee - chris’, denim shorts - diy, belt - thrifted, thunder cup - from a game

I’m at home snuggled up on the couch with Ossie and desperately trying to not doze off during the Thunder game. (Surely the Mavs aren’t going to knock off both my western teams?! Gaah. #foreverhatingdirk) Allergy medicine + only 4 hours of sleep last night is what I’m running on.

I’ve been go go go since 930 this morning: job follow-ups, picking up my textbooks for my summer course (eek $80 gone!), finalizing my fall class schedule (18 hours), returning emails, errands, and a stop at Lowe’s. Wait, what? A stop at Lowe’s?…that’s right, I’m getting a little proactive with our yard/garden.

Awkward moment of the day: When Chris is listing dinner options since we’ve majorly put off grocery shopping: cereal, frozen waffles, or ice cream. I’ll be taking an Oreo shake for dinner, please and thank you.


  1. after ur hextic day i think you need a sit down. cool photo though - is it wrong that im seriously liking the drinks carton ?haha

  2. oreo shake for dinner = perfect x


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