Dress - Miss Selfridge, shoes - Old Navy

So…I’ve been a bit absent from posting lately. I blame a combination of finals week, lack of motivation, and a clothing slump. But for the first time weeks, I feel that I can finally relax. University is now out for the summer, though I do plan to take a short course next month. This morning I was able to sleep in, ignore my email/phone calls, eat a big breakfast, and sit in pajamas. All without a time schedule! It’s the small stuff, right? Haha.

A bit of what I’ve been up to this weekend: a Mavericks sweep eliminating the Lakers in the playoffs (sad face), two wedding invitations, 100 degree weather (tempting me to cut off all my hair), a Tina Fey/Ellie Goulding SNL episode, mother’s day with both my & Chris’ family (love to all the mamma’s out there!). Oh…and of course, my sister’s college graduation!

The truth is we’ve been doing all the “big steps” together. Puberty, high school, boys, break-ups, college. And this will be the first time she’s off and away from me. Pout. Not quite sure what to think! But hopefully, she won’t be too busy being grown up and still come visit me. To eat fish sticks with me and watch marathons on Bravo, like old times!