raised in a summer haze

Just before high school, my family moved from Las Vegas to Oklahoma. It was a very unwelcome change, at first. Aside from having my friends there, I was use to big neighborhoods packed tightly with houses and a pick of restaurants. Suddenly, I had to adjust to a small town (“what? only 90 people in a graduating class?!”) and a house in the country. And even though I fought my parents, it was a good move for us. I love where I grew up and I love escaping this college town to go back.

Chris has always been a southern boy and I was tickled to find out that his family had a ranch with horses(and sometimes cows). And since we’ve found out one of the horses is pregnant and expecting her first colt tomorrow, we’ve popped in to visit quite often over the past two weeks!

Photos taken at Chris' family ranch

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