little dears,

dear parents,
Thank you, thank you for the Disneyland presents. I feel like a boss when I drink my sweet tea now. Plastic cups, never again.

speaking of pirates…dear pirates of the caribbean 4,
Me during the movie: “Waah I miss Orlando Bloom & Keira Knightley’s characters. Wait, are those mermaids? Soooo pretty!”

dear face,
Why am I still having spontaneous acne break-outs eight years after puberty? Clear this up already!

dear Chris,
I feel very sneaky that I know what all will happen in TrueBlood before this season even starts, thanks to reading the novels. And now, since I dropped by the bookstore this afternoon, I will be all knowing about Game of Thrones as well. Sucker.

dear nba,
Tired of all the Heat bandwagon fans. And still bitter than neither the Lakers or the Thunder made it to the Finals. I’m ready for next season already.

dear amanda,
If we don’t show up tomorrow to help you move, that means you’ll stay right?


  1. ooohhh I love your pirates mug! Disney merchandise is so much fun... and those kettle chips are the best!

  2. Woah woah! I'm pretty sure I just saw that you're reading Game of Thrones! That book (or the series, really) is one of my favorites ever!
    Also...that sandwich looks amazing right now.


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