in the midst of finals

Shot from my moleskine, snippets from my art final (the dreaded self portrait!) using 6B graphite, & my art pack

This week is finals week! Criiiinge. I really didn’t want to get back into the seriousness of studying after the amazing weekend I had. Today, I plan on finishing up my final art project, tomorrow hitting the books….can’t wait.

Awesome moment of the day: Sunday, while out in Bricktown celebrating my sister’s birthday, we saw Tony Allen! Tony Allen plays for the Memphis Grizzlies. He was out after just playing a game against the OKC Thunder. Still don’t know who he is? Well…us either. Until Chris reminded us he was this guy who was all over SportsCenter last week.

Get ready for some puppy spam coming up in my next post…
 Chris with Molly, my parent’s new pup

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  1. I really should make that first photo my motto for life!


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