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Tank, fringe sandals (old!) - American Eagle, Scarf, leggings, satchel - Forever 21

The weather has been hot, hot and absolutely brilliant in Oklahoma. (Well, except for yesterday. I felt like a slug and all I could think was “waah, when do the pools open!?”) I wasn’t feeling around to getting my picture taken, hence only the snippets of an outfit post. I had to dig around my closet for these black fringe sandals (omg fringe! drooool). They were tucked away in my summer clothes box! Jeez, I don’t even remember when I got these but it was at least two summers ago. Maybe even three?

There was a bunch of tours happening on campus this afternoon. I remember being a high school senior and going on mine! Carrying around a bulky name tag, a big eager grin, and an orange bag with goodies in it from the school. One group stopped and asked my about my major, etc. It’s funny because they all look so young! Eighteen doesn’t look as old as it use to feel.

But overall today’s been nice. I spent the morning catching up on Conan episodes and then went to classes. Only mishaps: spilling chocolate milk on my charger (eek! panic!) and  leaving the house without putting on deodorant (whoops).

Bane doing some handy work on our trees. And check out Ossie’s tail…it’s finally getting its pug curl!


  1. Did you feel old at 18? Cause Im 18 and heading to university this year and I still dont feel old enough to be making all these decisions, ahaha :)

    LOVE those sandals!

  2. Love the scarf! Such pretty colors :) xo


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