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This morning I had a sleepy start. Ok, a very sleep start. I was completely cinnabun cozy and warm in bed. It was dark and windy and rainy outside. Perfect weather to stay inside…but I got up and with a ballcap and without a bra, I left for the class that ended up being canceled. Ooph.
I’m now at home painting my nails and enjoying the start to my weekend. My friend is arriving in town later this afternoon, so eventually I’ll stop being lazybones and get up and around.  I’m ready for some movies & margaritas!

Magazine excerpt of a how-to fake a bob with long hair


  1. Reading the opening of this post made me think of this Simpsons quote: http://data.whicdn.com/images/8373242/z219815410_thumb.png?1301530769

    I LOVE mornings when you can just laze around in bed :)

  2. I love lazy mornings, they're definitely one of the best things in life! (: Have an amazing weekend! Xx

  3. faking a bob with long hair?? could you please share that with me! i had long hair and sometimes i want short hair but i know i wouldnt even think twice about cutting my hair!


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