Pink and coral roses from my birthday, page from my moleskine
Outfit: button down top - Chris’, bottoms - Forever 21, tights - local, flats - Buckle

Believe it, I’m wearing these shorts agaaain! First seen here and then here. I’m definitely getting my moneys worth with these babies. They are so just versatile! This is one of those outfits that looks better in real life and doesn’t transfer well on camera. I pulled this button down from Chris’ closet. I had planned on wearing it as a shirt dress with a belt, but it was way too see-through and short. So I pulled it up and tied it! I like how it turned out!

(I was wanting to wear these New Look wedge heels but it wasn’t happening with how much walking I had to do today.)

I feel like I’m dragging today. My sleep over the past few nights has been super spotty. My brain is feeling fried. I had two quizzes and an exam this afternoon. Needless to say, I’m glad it’s Friday. I’m going to unplug from my computer this weekend. Stay off the internet. Do coursework and studying for another exam on Monday. (Only a month or so left of classes!) Kiss my wonderful boyfriend. Play with my pups. Be a bum and not put on make-up. How’s that sound?

Awkward moment of the day: when you walk into class and someone has suddenly up and moved into your chair. The chair you've been sitting three times a week for the entire semester. So you end up in a spot too far away to see the power-point (great, this professor never puts his slides online either) and sitting behind the girl who's hair is so long it piles onto your desk (and your notebook).

See you Monday!

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  1. oou, i like this post (:
    i love the hair, and leopard print shorts!
    i HATE when someone takes my seat in class too.



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