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Sunglasses, ring, bracelet, sweater, bralet, shorts - Forever 21, flats - local shop

Greetings from another flip-flopped weather day in Oklahoma! This week is predicted to reach the high 80s and then following week is 30s. Whaaa? Despite my shamefully pale legs, I’m out wearing shorts today! I had classes earlier this morning and then made a trip with Chris to his grandfather’s ranch. I really love it out there. We took a walk around and fed treats to the horses. I kicked myself the entire time for not bringing along my camera.

On the way home I kept thinking that I wish I could be more of an “outdoorsy” girl. Hunting, camping, riding. What kind of southern girl am I? I like the idea of all them but when it comes down to it, it’s just not me. I feel guilty killing though I’m anything but a vegetarian. I’m a terrible sleeper as it goes so the night time aspects of camping seem less appealing. The sleeping bag, hard ground, not being able to shower. And though I rode when I was younger, I’m actually a bit afraid/apprehensive of horses now. Last time I was on a horse, ironically it was with Chris at his grandfather’s, I was bucked and fell under the horse. Now their sheer power and size make me uncomfortable. But I’m hoping we will ride tomorrow…I’ll just ride with someone rather than alone!

Like the sunglasses? They are new! With some birthday money, I was finally able to go (online) shopping. It’s been four months since I last bought anything! I don’t typically buy sunglasses because I never seem to remember to wear them/carry them around. I think the last pair I bought was a $2 pair for a trip to the lake. And I ended up losing those haha. But the bracelet, sweater, and high-waisted shorts are also new. I have a haul post/vlog coming if you’re interested!

It’s finally Friday! Chris and I are still in the “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” stage of the night. Haha, we are the most indecisive couple. I have lots to do this weekend on my art project but I think I may put it off until tomorrow! Happy weekend everyone!


  1. You are my absolute favorite! Haha. I love all of your outfits. Those sunglasses are adorable!

    KF x

  2. Love the jumper with the shorts, I wanttttt your hair!

    Just found your blog, i love it :) following now

    Chloe... x

  3. gorgeous jumper! you look really pretty :)


  4. I seriously love this outfit! it looks so comfy... im loving your hair too!



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