notes in a diary

After all the craziness that was this weekend, it was nice to go to my favorite pizzeria with my favorite boy. To hold hands in an old booth with cracked leather seats. To slow everything down and be reminded what really counts.

Other things from my weekend:
  • the batch of cookies I baked (and nearly ate all by myself)
  • walking around in the heat and the compulsive need to keep my hair up
  • singing messages on a friend’s voicemail
  • my sister’s college graduation invitation
  • the adorable pile of wrinkles that is my parent’s new puppy
  • Chris catching me eating a cinnamon roll and reading a magazine while in the tub
  • NBA finals first round

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  1. Love your hair and the headscarf! Awww I want a puppy!!!

    Chloe... x


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