navajo, navajo

 Tee - Chris’, scarf, bottoms, socks - Forever 21, ankle boots - New Look, rings - unsure/just picked up over the years

I’m procrastinating big time. I have an online quiz to take, a film paper to write, and reading for tomorrow’s lecture…and instead I’m doodling in my moleskine, nibbling on pizza we just made, and singing Head Automatica to Ossie. What song? “Cannibal Girl”. Take a listen!

I lazily dressed in one of Chris’ white tees and my new scarf for classes today. I cringed a bit this morning when I stepped outside to check the weather. Too hot and humid to wear the jeans I had originally picked out. I went back and forth about wearing shorts out since I haven’t shaved my legs. But I decided that I didn’t care and no one should be looking that close anyways. But of course, later Chris (with his eagle eye vision) poked fun at my peach fuzz knee hair.

Random 1: I tried styling my fedora with outfits this morning and it was a no-go = buyer’s remorse is settling in over that darn thing. Oy.

Random 2: I wish someone would axe the saying “case of the Mondays”. And “winning” + anything else coming out of Charlie Sheen’s mouth.


  1. You look amazing! I really like this outfit, it's simple, cosy but still chic! That scarf looks gorgeous and I love your boots, too! You asked me in your comment on my last post about my uni. I'm studying communication and media studies and I love it! This is my first year! (: Xx

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who wears my boyfriend tees outside the house, ahaha. I wear them tucked into high waisted shorts alllll the time! I did it once and then it was sooo comfy and I couldn't stop doing it, ahaha.

    Lazy dressing it the best :D


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