little dears,

dear heating pad,
Thank you for curing my cramps. And for keep me toasty during this rainy weekend.

dear the office,
I love that Will Ferrell has been guest starring! But sadface to Steve Carell’s last episode is next week.

dear running shoes,
Maybe some other day.

dear easter,
You don’t feel like a real holiday anymore. I miss getting little treats left in a big wicker basket from my parents! I remember one year, the movie Pocahontas was stashed in there too! (Was it just me that wanted a pet raccoon after that movie?)

dear bedtime stories,
It’s my favorite time to tell Chris unimportant facts about my day. Like, how I forgot to pack my glasses in my bag and spent the entire 3hr art class squinting at the blurry glass bottles we were drawing. And having the teacher stop and ask, “So…exactly which part of this are you trying to do?”

dear nba western finals,
Be the Lakers vs the Thunder, please please!

dear straw fedora,
Sorry I returned you, we just weren’t working out. But I’ll keep looking!

dear university,
Only weeks left to go? Okay! :)

*photo back from february


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