i haven't changed but i'm not the same

Blazer - local shop, sunglasses, top - Forever 21, bottoms - American Eagle, shoes - Dexter

This outfit didn’t happen until three this afternoon. After rolling into my last day of classes in pajamas and ponytail. After doing more studying for my finals that are next week. After an exhausting working out. And after lying down on the floor and catching my breath. A blazer from this post and striped sweater from this post. How do you like my boat shoes? I had to throw them on to go with my sailor stripes!

My finals are Thursday and Friday of next week. Three writing exams and then my final project for art. Sometimes I wish I had done a major in the arts because I’ve had a lot of fun in my art class this semester. Our final project is doing a self portrait from a black & white photo taken by our professor. So depending on how it turns out…I may post how mine turns out? Haha, maybe not. My photograph is a goofy face/pose, while all the girls in my class have these stunning photos of themselves. Critique over our final project will be interesting!

Also cheers to my sister! It’s her birthday today! …She’ll now forever share it with the anniversary to the royal wedding.