welcome to kansas!

 Cardi, skinnies - American Eagle, vintage tee - Forever 21, ankle boots - New Look

Just a quick post as I’m beat and ready to collapse into a nap, but there are three things to note:

1. I’ve probably said a million times already, but we road tripped out of Oklahoma to  Kansas today! Woke up at six (I actually protested getting out of bed) and drove, drove, drove so I could do my second round for the Real World. I know it’s a bit of a trash show but it was exciting to be looking forward to all the “omg what if’s…” and got to meet some interesting people there. None of it was really what I was expecting…like my “VIP pass” or the interview process and I doubt I’ll get a call back but it was something new and out of my comfort zone!

(I also probably should’ve dressed up a little more for the audition…but I didn’t! It was too ridiculously windy to try to look put together.)

2. After days of feeling terrible I think I’m finally getting over my bad cold!

3. Grr, I can’t do anything with my hair right now. Mess mess mess! It’s driving me mad. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super pleased that my hair is finally getting long. BUT it’s feeling so thick! So I’m skimming YouTube/blogs for some styling tutorials. Plus, I need run my little roots right over to the salon.

Chris being camera shy. You like that camo steering wheel? That’s how we roll in our car.


  1. Hope you had fun in Kansas :) Your outfit is lovely, exactly the kind of thing I like to wear on a daily basis!

  2. Hope you had fun :) my hair is uber thick so when I have it cut, I get them to thin it :) it works really well! xoxoxo

  3. You have the cutest blog! I can't believe I found this just now! Following :))



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