weekend webcam

Look who joined me! Ossie snuggled in and snoozed away the afternoon while I caught up on my studying and watched the Lakers game against the Spurs. Notice, my LA tank! The Spurs are actually the leading team in the league right now and after the spanking they served to the Heat on Friday, I was nervous for this game! But the Lakers did work and won it, 99-83!

I feel like my weekend just sped by! I'm so tired! But I spent last night out seeing friends, which was nice. Then woke up this morning for lunch with my sister and my parents, who just returned from visiting my other sister in Germany. All these meals out are making me feel guilty when it comes to my running and working out! But I've never been the girl who can watch what she eats. Its all so delicious!

Eee, so I have changed my mind and will be going to the second audition for Real World! Its this coming Saturday in Kansas.  I know it's a long shot to actually make it (can you imagine how many people are going to be there auditioning?!), but it's only a two hour drive away so Chris and I are going to make a day of it. Wish me luck? Of all people, it was actually my dad who talked me into it! This morning he was saying, "A game show? No? Can you win money?" Haha, I still don't quite think he knows what the shows is!

Just a quick post! What were you guys up to this weekend?


  1. Ossie is so cute! Good luck at the audition! I hope you make it!
    I'm following you now. Hope you follow back :)

  2. Ossie is adorable :) And you look lovely!


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