this afternoon

Blazer, boots - local shop, knit top - Wal Mart, striped bodycon dress - Free People, basic leggings

Something a bit silly has happened. Remember some weeks ago when I spent the weekend watching old reruns of MTV’s Real World? Time well spent, I know. But I can’t hide it, I love that reality show. So late one night while poking around on the internet I submitted myself…Here’s the silly part: Real World casting got back to me yesterday and requested I meet up for the next audition round! I was pumped! But in all seriousness, no, I’m not going. That would be crazy. (But it’s still kinda cool though, right?)
As I mentioned yesterday, this afternoon we had a (surprise) birthday lunch for Chris’ mom. Her favorite spot in town happens to be only a few streets away from where we live. While we waited for everyone to arrive from out of town, Chris snapped a few shots of today’s outfit. Haha, it’s a nice change from my usual garage backdrop!

After I had a plate or two too many of cheese fries and ranch later, the family all came back to the house. We chatted outside and watched the girls play chase with Ossie (he gets crazy skittish when he meets new people). I did make them pose for some family photos before they left, but I won’t post those here.

I love the colored banners!
You get to take your cups home with you! We have about a million of these up in our cupboard.


  1. Cute outfit, you look fabulous as always! Thats such a awesome little pub! Looks like a fun day :)

  2. great look! i love those colored cups! you have really pretty hair :)

  3. Is it sad that Im actually impressed that they colour coordinate their cups?! Ahaha.

    Lovely outfit :)


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