spring forward

Top - Alloy, pyramid earrings, striped body con dress - Free People, sneakers - Converse, black leggings

Daggum, it’s six o’clock and the sun is still out! I love it! I can’t be the only one who likes daylight savings time? This is what I'm wearing around today. It really warmed up, so I went with super comfy and lightweight. And yep, this is the same striped body con dress seen here from last week's outfit post.

This is my first spring break that I haven’t spent it working. Instead my days have been going like this…waking up lazily. Laying in bed too long talking to Chris and playing in bed with the pups. Scrambled eggs with bits of ham and applesauce for breakfast. Working out (ugh, yesterday we added ankle weights to my running making the incline parts even more difficult!). Lots of Sports Center, PTI, and Around the Horn. Then three hours of studying. Why? I have a huge, huge exam the Monday we go back to uni. It almost feels like summer vacation.

Awkward moment of the day: Playing in the backyard playing with the dogs when a stranger across the street shouts at me, “Do you have any cigarettes?”. We need a privacy fence.

 Ossie sneaking into the photos and wanting to play.