somebody told me

Scarf - Aldo, cardi, body con skirt - Forever 21, tunic - Old Navy, basic black tights

Has anyone figured out what the proper etiquette when seeing an ex? Eye contact before you keep walking? Quick smile and wave? Ignoring them completely? While on my search in the art building to find the vending machine, I ran into mine. We still go in for the awkward hug and do the semi-painful catch up convo. I need to start remembering the curt nod.

Finally got around to taking some outfit photos this afternoon! We took them on the steps of the English building (where I spend most my time!). This is my same bodycon skirt from this post. I’m trying to get out of the habit of only wearing skirts/dresses while it’s warm, so I tried layering it with tights and an old tunic from Old Navy. I’m also wearing one of my favorite scarves, it’s a lightweight and sheer material with little skulls on it.

As I’ve mentioned before, my art class on Tues/Thurs is three hours. Which is three hours too long for my coldy-thing I have going on. I’m this kid in class that you hate: clearing my throat loudly doing the “eeeem EEEEEEEEM” sounds (mucus! flem!), sniffling too often, paranoid that my classmates are disgusted by my three tissues I’m using over and over again, and trying to hold back coughs during the professor’s instructions until I can’t and the noise comes out sounding like I'm choking on hairballs.

I know I should have just skipped out on class today to be sick at home and take a hot bath (oh God that sounds lovely), but that class has an strict attendance policy. So I just had to sit through it and do my best not to expose my germs to anyone else!

Tonight: midterm in my night film class, Lakers vs Heat game, Jersey Shore (Jersday!)