oh, sunday

Goodbye spring vacation! Today is my last day of break before I have to return to uni tomorrow and start my first day of work at the new job! I actually popped in for a bit earlier to pick up my schedule. Exciting!  I can't wait to be making that monnnney monnnney again! I feel badly about not posting very often over the break…especially since I had so much free time. But I’ve been running around bare-faced and truthfully, it makes me feel a little less photo-friendly!

This weekend has been low key and very, very warm. Somehow the weather has sky rocketed up in the mid-eighties! So yesterday we took the dogs to lake to play and swim. Now that the weather is nice, I need to stop by the gas station and air up my bike tires. I keep forgetting!

Currently I’m sitting out back, reading the next novel for my narratives class (Michael Chabon’s Yiddish Policeman’s Union) and snacking on some Girl Scout cookies…thin mints! yum!

Also a happy 22nd birthday to my friend Ashley! She’s one of the few friends I’ve kept close with since high school.


  1. Congrats on the new job, I start a new one this week as well :) I too am loving this warm weather... its making me neglect my blog!

    xo Teresa

  2. So jealous you've had hot weather! It's still coat and scarf weather here in the UK :(
    Best of luck with your new job!


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