momma said there'd be days like this

I have two more days until spring break! I’m so tired but still have loads to do. I need to go the art shop for supplies (for charcoal, gray paper, and a new drawing pad), enroll for my summer and fall courses, and study for my film midterm. Plus it’s my turn to do the dishes from dinner—chicken alfredo, swirly noodles (what’s the official name??), and crescent rolls from the oven. I would say, “Hooray! I didn’t have to cook tonight!” but the truth is, Chris usually does the majority of the cooking. Lucky girl right here!

I managed to make it through the majority of winter without any colds but I think it has finally caught up to me! Two nights ago, just before bed, my throat was starting to feel very scratchy and dry. Uh-oh. Since then I’ve been going like a crazy person: drinking fluids, taking cough drops, and layering Vick on my neck hoping it doesn’t turn into anything more.

So besides feeling poorly, it was raining outside so yesterday I basically wore one of Chris’ long sleeves and wrapped myself in a scarf. I did want to get ready and take photos today, but I woke up today feeling a bit miserable! So this will have to work ;) Also happy Wednesday everyone!

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