i so hate consequences

Bean piece - Forever 21, sweater - Hollister Co, jeans - American Eagle, tank - Buckle

It was clear and sunny out yesterday so I wanted to find something to wear than my usual black. I wore it around and about for my classes + my night film class.

Something unusual has happened in my Narratives class...I am a week ahead in reading! In that class so far we've read four novels and are on our fifth one, Kindred by Octavia E. Butler. All the previous novels have been quite interesting but, eh, they are assigned books--not impressed. And as an English major I am use to doing a lot of required reading. But here is the thing: Kindred is good. I started reading it either Monday or Tuesday night and I was so caught up that I finished it!

I can't believe it's March already! Only three months into 2011 and I'm already marveling on how quickly time is passing. It makes me think back to what was going on in March of last year, what I was worrying over, and how things have changed. But March means my birthday month...I'm turning 22!

My weekend plans include a birthday dinner for Chris' mom and attending my friend's pageant (I've never been to one before!).