cross your legs

Earrings - Chanel, dress - Motel, knee socks - Forever 21, lace up boots [similar] - thrifted, nail polish - Revlon

Notice anything a bit different today? Well, besides it being warm enough for my dress…Yep, my hair! As you guys know, I’ve been going ga-ga to getting my hair touched up. No matter how much time and effort I put into my hair, I felt like there was no making pretty of  my grown out roots. So I buckled down and made an appointment earlier this week. My mop has been freshly cut and colored and boy, does it feel nice!

Insert awkward moment of the day here: sitting in the salon and the woman sitting in the chair next to you over shares about only ever having to shave one armpit. I guess I could say I’m half jealous?

Despite the brilliant weather and this cute little (uhm okay, very little) dress, I want to get in back in bed! My period has taken it’s toll and I’ve been dealing with cramps all day! Made sitting through lectures and focusing on my big exam a tad difficult. No fun. But better than the alternative, right? …The alternative meaning being pregnant haha. Anyway, I think tonight is a good night to catch up on all my missed television shows and watch movies. Do you know if Tangled is out to rent yet? I’m planning on watching it with Chris. I remember when he and I saw Up together. It was summer, we’d been dating just a few months or so and we took a Sunday afternoon for matinee showing. Only a handful of people in the audience, half priced sodas, getting goosebumps all over my legs from wearing shorts in the chilly theater, holding hands. I’m smiling as I type this! It was a cute little date. Haha, but since then, we like to watch animated films together (How to Train Your Pet Dragon, Toy Story 3, Wall-E, etc). It’s just turned into one of those things.

Also, I keep forgetting to take photos of this adorable early birthday gift (and his post-it note) from this guy and his girl!