Flower crown - diy, ring, tights, cardi - Forever 21, jumper - Old Navy, boots - local shop

Today is my 22nd birthday and this is what I wore. A long, heavy cardi for the cloudy cold weather and a flower crown I made myself! (I will do a post on how to make them!) Last year I was red-cheeked, drunk at America’s Pub with friends, this year I spent at home/our winery with family. Here are some of the photos:

Momma bear! I made flower crowns for me, my mom, and my sister.

And a small one for Ossie!

Breakfast for dinner ;)

Psst, it’s a sewing machine!

 German phrase for today

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  1. Your day looked fabulous!I have a soft spot for any cake that has sugar confetti!Oh and that cardigan is divine, love the shade! X


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