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Cosmo March 2011, InStyle March 2011, Glamour March 2011

This is my Friday afternoon! Sitting at my colorful desk reading up on my new magazine stack. I love that Diane Kruger is the March cover for Glamour. I think she is stunning and her style is always a step ahead.

I feel like I’ve been on my toes since yesterday afternoon! I sat at my desk all afternoon trying to finish this social democratic globalization paper. It's done now, but it went along slow. Keeping up with uni has been a mess lately due to all the snow days and changed deadlines. It’d make it loads easier if more professors used their emails. Additionally, I have been waiting for a call back about my interview. The lady told me I would receive a call today if I got the job or not so I’ve been all nerves.

And in a small story, last night I was I transferring my drawing from newsprint to good paper for my art assignment, when I noticed my kneadable eraser was missing! Then I see Ossie sneakily hiding in the corner just chew chew chewing along! I'll be needing a new one of those (the eraser, not a dog)

 The thief himself, Ossie


  1. VERY cute dog, he looks so innocent!!
    hope you get the job

  2. great pics - your dog is adorable!

  3. hehe awww doggies make life so much better :)

  4. Sounds like my kind of Friday afternoon!
    And good luck for the job :) Fingers crossed for you.


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