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Booties, tights - ASOS, skirt, top, leg warmers - Forever 21

Ch-check ch-check ch-check it out, I actually straightened my hair! Can you see the tiny braid in my bangs? It was one of those mornings where I wasn’t feeling too great so I tried to put effort in my hair and dress nicely. I got this top over Christmas time (haul post here). It’s light material with capsleeves and a ribbon tie. I decided to tuck it into an old (poof-y) skirt but eep!, it looked like a lot of leg showing! That’s why I added the leg warmers over the tights.

Ugh, so this week is my exams week in uni. Meaning: two papers, one quiz, two exams, and my portfolio is due. To say the least I’m a little overstressed and overwhelmed. I hate that so many grade heavy things are packed into one small week! Give me some room to work!

Bad day, bad mood, goodnight!


  1. Love the tight/leg warmer combination, it looks great :) And Im so jealous that your hair looks equally beautifully straight or curly!

    Good luck with your exams this week! Try not to get too stressed and have some relaxing time too :)

  2. Im so sorry that you are stressed out! You will do great on all of your projects, tests, and quizzes and when the week is over you wont ever have to do these projects, take these tests or quizzes again :)

    Your hair looks great, before I read the text I thought that you lightened it, I couldnt figure out what was different... it looks great :)

    xo Teresa


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