she and him

Free People black racerback, Queen tour tee, denim cut offs - Forever 21, oatmeal shrug - a buy from my mom*

Before you bugger about my outfit for today, know that I really spent the entire day hibernating inside watching Real World Cancun and Real World Washington DC. How fun would it be to on reality television? This Queen tour (in Germany!) tee is one of my favorite shirts. It is vintage style and has an oversized fit but I do wish that I would’ve bought it in a size larger. Oh well! Thumbs up to Queen, my dad actually first introduced me to the band when I was sixteen and bought me their hits cd. Killer Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody, Bicycle Race, Fat Bottomed Girls—eee! I would march around in my room singing to them. *The shrug is a buy from mom! She surprised me last week with a few shrugs and pairs of leggings.

On a post-surgery update, Chris is finally sling free! He still is having tremendous trouble with using it as regularly as his left arm, but he’s getting there. That means he can finally start sleeping in the bed again! This means we can finally fall asleep together again (and I can chat his ear off while I’m fighting off falling asleep). We can now cuddle again, somewhat, I’m the big spoon now.

In a few days, on the eighth, Chris and I will have been together for two years. How crazy, two years! I’ve changed and I’m sure he has too, but I hope we’ve changed so we fit together even better than before.

This is a girly post about how much I love him.
P.s, Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow! My mom is from Wisconsin and is a Packers cheesehead, so I know she’s frowning at me for picking the Steelers to win tomorrow! I’m such a traitor! As far as Ben Roethlisberger goes, eh, I’m so-so about him. But I do like Troy Polamalu and Steelers as a team. As far as the playoffs picks go, I am leading by one point so today’s win will decide who one the brackets. The rivalry!

We’re planning to head to our friend’s place for a Super Bowl Party. Still haven’t figured out what dish to bring!

My pick: Steelers Chris’ pick: Packers

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  1. I love your outfit, the Queen t-shirt is great! You and Chris are so cute :)


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