reverse for goodluck

Bodycon skirt, top - Forever 21, Daytrip striped vest, American Eagle cardi, basic black tights, New Look ankle boots

Lakers beat the Celtics and the Knicks this week! Happy, happy dance. Big games tomorrow, Lakers have a game against the Magic and the Heat play the Celtics. What a week for basketball, huh?

I’m spending today doing reading for uni (The Virginian by Owen Wister) and cleaning. I feel like I am such a messy dresser. Each morning when I pick through my clothes and decide against that top or sweater I just lay them over my dresser. By the end of the week it’s just a heap of clothes! I tend to keep the house neat but my dresser always slips. So that needs to be tidy and the floors need to be swept and mopped.

This is the first time I’m wearing my bodycon skirt. Hope it looks alright? I’m not too sure I like this outfit much. So much of the black and everything is just heavy. I don’t like how it photographed either. Bah! It’s so sloshy and muddy in the backyard we had to give the dogs a bath after being outside!

I miss the crunchy snow! Eee, how did Bane get mud all over his face?