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Shirt, leggings, socks - American Eagle, belt - thrifted, boots - local shop

I’ve kind of had a lot of uni coursework on my plate since Monday. The days are just speeding by! I had two lectures and a lab to go to today and then I spent some extra time on campus to get a paper done! Hello productivity! I still have some late night catch up reading to do in order to be ready for Friday’s lessons. But since I have night class from 645-10 tomorrow I must do it all tonight!

This what I wore to uni today. The button down shirt is actually years and years old! I took photos of it for my old blog here and here. Same socks and boots too! How funny.

The weather has flip-flopped again from being 17 to 74. Oklahoma, I can’t keep up! Wind on a hot day is usually nice, but sometimes here it just gets out of control. Dust starts flying about! It gets in my eyes and my skin/face start feel grimy. (“I fear the wind!” anyone remember that quote from Disney channel’s Stepsister from Planet Weird? That’s how I feel. Hah, not hiding under cars or anything though!)

Look what came in the post today! Giddy is the only word that describes how I felt when I discovered this little care package and when I saw what was inside. Kinder eggs! (Aka only the best chocolate in the world that’s egg shaped and hides a clever toy inside.) We use to eat loads of them when my family lived in Italy.
Big love to my big brother who sent it!

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  1. just goes to show how its worth holding on to some things in your wardrobe! kinder eggs are great!! love them, enjoy xx


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