nerd herd

Double pocket sweater, Iron Maiden tee - local shop, basic black leggings, specs - Calvin Klein, 721 Raven Red - Revlon polish, lip - Loreal Paris

What Alissa wears glasses??! I actually keep a pair of these suckers in my school bag for wearing to lectures and seeing the presentations and in my car (obviously for driving). But over the past two years my eyesight has steadily gotten worse. I now have to specs up when we sit down to watch television! Hmph. Without glasses, I can’t see any detail and the whole picture fogs out. It drives Chris bonkers because without glasses I can’t tell any difference between regular channels and HD ones. (He’s a HD snob)

I have been off university for the second day now! Usually they dawdle around the idea of canceling but not this time. Thank goodness. In the past two nights we’ve gotten at least a good six or seven inches of snow! But we have some snow drifts that are feet deep. Ossie refuses to go outside in it, but you can’t really blame him when the snow is up to his chin! Poor pug.

Later this afternoon I’m going to start my art project but I’ve spent this morning eating fruit loops and watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians. (I love Bruce Jenner. Olympian ‘76!)

And randomly, I was looking at AE’s new spring stock and they are selling crop tops now. Am I the only one that finds that a bit odd? I like that crop tops are popping up more but it just doesn’t really seem like their type of style.

Ossie sleeping and stretching on Chris.


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