manage me, i'm a mess

Webcam/photobooth - Best hair award right here!

Haha, am I looking a bit shabby? I actually wrote out a giant post whining about the day but after reading it, I deleted the entire thing! I doubt you want to read my rants. Basically it’s been a very, very long day of school and then a two hour research panel over bio fuels solutions (extra credit for a class). I haven’t really eaten at all today so I’m feeling foul and I have night of homework to look forward to. I promise I’ll stop being so grouchy once this week is over and done!

But I’m so pleased to be finally home! In comfy socks and my snuggie. I believe once Chris gets home, we’re going to the store to pick up a few foods to tide us until next month.

Well, off to actually do something productive now…

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