look what you've done

Free People black racer back, All Saints shrug, American Eagle sweater, necklace - unsure, American Eagle jeggings

Do you remember the band Jet? It was one of the bands I use to overplay in high school. (The other day my brother even showed a terrible, terrible yearbook photo of me and I was wearing their shirt) But it inspired me to pull up some of their music again. I love their song “Look What You’ve Done”.

This outfit is a bit bulky looking but as of recent I have been leaning towards more slouchy fitting clothes. They are more comfortable and I like how they layer. This oatmeal looking shrug is one of the few things I have ever bought from All Saints. Their prices run a bit high but I bought this on sale so it was a good deal. It’s made from wool so it's very, very warm! I don’t know if you can tell properly from the pictures but the sides are long and can be adjusted (hence the ruffled bunches) while it’s high in the back.

Last night we rented the movie Let Me In and I was jaw-dropped about how much I loved it. It’s difficult to explain without giving away parts but the best I can say it is the most beautiful horror movie. The pace, the accurate details, and compelling characters…Definitely, definitely worth a watch!

 Brr, Oklahoma winter wind!
 Two year anniversary card from Chris
 Flowers even in our bathroom!


  1. I love your outfit! I know what you mean about All Saints though, it's far too pricey for me. I've picked up some things from there off eBay though and they're really good quality!

    Congratulations on 2 years! The card is adorable :)

  2. hey im a newbie follower, love your blog!!
    Love the shrug, totally makes the outfit!
    Congrats on the 2 years, flowers are stunning!

  3. I've got serious hair envy! What do you do to get so much body???

  4. I adore your blog! Happy anniversary with your sweetie, thats very exciting!

    Cant wait to read more, xoxo


  5. So pretty! I love your necklace- so cute! xo


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