when i've made up my mind, and my heart along with that

 Woven headband, vest, beaded top - Forever 21, tunic - Charlotte Russe, ring, earrings - old, top, leggings - gift from mom

What a good day! Spent last night in and watched a British film called Never Let Me Go. I can’t really make my mind up about what I think about it other than I found it to be peculiar. I've spent the morning listening to Pandora (my most used iPhone app) and studying. We've been keeping the back door open for the dogs to run in and out, but I think I smell some rain!

Can you see how far my bangs have grown out? I feel ridiculous if they aren't pinned back. I am actually all about hair accessories right now. I use to find them a bit overboard but now I find myself picking through my headband/hair pin collection.

Chris, for the most part, is a healthy eater/cook. While I on the other hand thrive on processed foods (terrible, I know!) In an effort cook healthier breakfasts, he has changed up his way of making eggs. He prepares them with no yoke, scrambled and bits of chopped ham thrown in. And hallelujah, I approve! I actually prefer this new way.

P.s. Don't forget the NBA All-Star game is on today!

Headband collection