drops of jupiter

Head scarf -thrifted, coat - Delia’s, infinity scarf, boots - Forever 21, equestrian leggings - American Eagle, umbrella - gift

The sun has been hiding! I don’t mind, I really enjoy scattered rain storms and clouds and chilly weather. I haven’t spent much time getting ready this week and that includes this morning. My time has been solely doing nothing but studying and coursework. But today was my last exam (finally!) and it’s officially the weekend! Victory dance. I plan to crawl into bed and never leave it until Monday morning!

Tell tale sign of my run and go outfit for today: my Oklahoma State long sleeve tee. Opps! It was my sleep shirt from last night. I had ten minutes to get onto campus so after hiding my hair with my head scarf and doing some quick make-up, I just pulled my coat over my tee and grabbed some boots. I don’t even quite match! But I figured I should take photos and post since I hadn’t much this week.

 Cucumber face mask, DVR, and snacks here I come!