agree and then never change


Sunglasses, denim shorts - local, plaid shirt - Old Navy, Boots - New Look

Happy weekend everyone! I’m so pleased its here. I can finally take a much needed break and catch up on all my missed television shows and I can sleep in tomorrow morning! Too excited. But then it’s nose to the grindstone to study for an exam and to finish my art project/portfolio for Thursday.

This isn’t what I wore today, but yesterday for art class. Notice my very big and very important art bag/portfolio! Ha, kidding. I was in a lazy mood so I just wore my plaid shirt (as seen before here) and my denim shorts. The sun was out and the weather was in the mid-eighties! Haha, what a day winter day!

Today is my short day so I’m hoping after classes to take the dogs to the park since it’s so lovely out!

 Moleskine shot - The doodle felt weather appropriate, but I actually don’t even like watermelons!