the wallflower

V-neck sweater - local shop, floral shorts - Miley Cyrus, basic black tights, over the knee socks - Forever 21, suedette moccasin boots - New Look

Yesterday was another bizarre weather day for Oklahoma! Though the weather was up in the seventies, snow and ice are predicted for Monday. (Give us a snow day!) What’s going on with these drastic weather changes? The suddenly warm got me wanting to wear something floral. But since I’ve been hibernating these winter months, I’ve been looking deathly pale! I decided to keep with tights and knee highs with my shorts because without, my legs looked ghastly!

I wore this down to my parent’s house. We spent a lot of the day outside with my mom. She was mostly busy with outside chores like watering plants and poop scooping, Chris and I played around with all the dogs and relaxed on their lawn furniture. Not very helpful, were we? A delicious dinner and watching Inception came later once my dad was home from work at the winery. It's always a treat to spend an evening with them.

 For those new to my blog, this is our big boy Bane! He is a pitbull and has been with Chris since he was a seven week old puppy.