something better than in the middle

Forever 21 colorblock top, Pac Sun black skinnies, Gap flats

Today is my long day of uni. My classes begin at 1230 and are spaced oddly throughout until 10 tonight. No fun! But this week has been passing seamlessly and I’m ontop of my coursework…studying for an exam on Monday and finishing Frankenstein (which I read in high school) for my lit class.

I picked this wear today! The sun is out and the weather has warmed into the mid-sixties. I haven’t actually worn anything but leggings/jeggings for the past two months (?) so pulling out this old pair was a change of pace. Something funny about my shopping eye is that I never buy new pairs of jeans. Never meaning never. I got these from a friend of mine who grew out of them. The top is a buy from online that I immediately had buyer’s remorse for. It was seriously ill fitting and just appeared like a night gown—it was so long! I couldn’t find a way to wear it until this morning, hello partial front tuck.

What’s going on with my hair you ask? Well, I’ve always been about full looking side-swept bangs. They were sacred and I would never let anyone but my mom trim them! (Crazy) But randomly just before my last salon appointment, I decided to try some new things with my hair and purposefully have been growing them out. We’ll see how it goes…I may just pop back home and demand my mom to cut them back to my norm.

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