ok, ok

American Eagle shawl collar cardigan, Old Navy checkered flannel, Forever 21 racer tank, American Eagle jegging, knee high socks - gift, New Look ankle buckle boots

So I’ve decided to axe doing “Sunday portraits”, it feels a bit silly doing a weekly portrait when my regular posts usually include photos. So what I think I may do instead, since I’ve been feeling around vlogging lately, is do a weekly/Sunday vlog! I didn’t get around to filming one yesterday—Chris and I met up with his parents to spend the day with them. When I finally had the free time to sit down, all the lighting in the house was gone!

This is what I wore on Saturday when we went to watch Black Swan. The weather was chilly and nice so I only layered up with two pairs of long sleeves. I absolutely loved Black Swan (directed by Darren Aronofsky and starring Natalie Portman). I heard from friends that it was bizarre and weird so I was worried that I had built up watching the movie but it did not disappoint me! I adore ballet and Swan Lake was one of my favorite tales as a girl but the dark tones and psycho thriller plot really brought something unexpected and new.

No school today! It started off with lazily sleeping in and cinnamon buns. Laundry, coursework, and some television seem like a good plan.