My moleskine, my knit hats and belts collection

Very little posts this week! I haven’t being feeling hugely motivated to get ready these past few days or photogenic (eee pimples!). That and I’m very boring. I’d just be complaining about walking to uni in the snow and then finding out the class was canceled or how I’ve been doing so much note taking that my handwriting is beginning to look like scribbles.

I was meaning to drive up to the city this afternoon to meet up with my mom but given all the ice on the roads I think I may not?

In quick news, Chris had another doctor’s appointment a day or so ago. He went an hour and a half drive to the office and had to wait two hours to be seen because of overbooking! So outrageous, what’s the point in having an appointment? He is healing well though. He is still stuck in his sling and sleeping on the couch. I can’t say I mind too much, at night Bane and I have turned into complete bed hogs—sprawled all over the mattress with the covers all tangled!


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