Headed to university today in the snow! The snow is still hanging on but barely. I actually woke up at 730 this morning to be ready for a job interview but thirty minutes after I got out of the shower they called to reschedule. (Grr, this is the second time I’ve rescheduled!) So it was postponed to later this afternoon.

End result, my face and hair were made up but I stayed in pajamas when my art class rolled around. But never the less, cross your fingers for me! I am quite nervous/anxious about the interview.

All our winter programming has ended and we’ve been looking for some new shows to watch so last night we watched the new SHO show Shameless. Anyone else watched it? It originally caught my eye because of Emmy Rossum. I like her as an actress and was surprised to see her on television show. Either way, you should check it out!

I also made a quick vlog for today? You can watch it here! But I am off to change clothes for my interview!

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