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Scarf - snagged from my mom, Forever 21 leather jacket, Forever 21 bag, basic black leggings, white racer tank, Forever 21 relaxed fit top

So I’ve ripped this scarf (sorry mom, you’re never getting it back!) and jacket from this outfit to wear to art class this morning. Brr rabbit, it was so cold this morning! So I doubled up on my leggings but couldn’t find my winter coat! Baah, I must start dressing more appropriately for the weather.

I haven’t really talked much about the art class I enrolled in this semester. It is just basic Drawing I. I still feel rather nervous about being in the class since I have so little experience, not to mention talent, as the other students but I am very really interested in taking Illustration and Typography later on, and Drawing I is the prerequisite. I am use to taking lots of writing and literature classes where there is so much hot air being mixed around and the art class is so soothing and quiet compared to them. The studio is large and there is lots of area to work. There isn’t a whole lot of talking or noise making so it allows for you to truly focus on what you’re making. It’s a nice change of pace. But I do feel like such a wanna-be art student carrying around my giant drawing pad on campus!

But I’m off! I have twenty pages left of my novel (Castle of Otranto) to read and some lab work to finish.

 Photos of the art building and from the studio

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