sleep skin / sequin

orever 21 sequin headband, Old Navy sweater, Free People racer back tunic, Forever 21 liquid leggings, and Forever 21 ringset
I don’t know if you can tell by my last few posts but the photo taking hopefully looks a little more legitimate. While away at my parents, my dad allowed me to borrow his camera tripod! I’ve been playing around with it some but I can’t get the lighting quite right? But once I’ve saved and bought a new camera I think it will improve the picture quality by loads.

I had to wake and dress early this morning when the weather was still foggy and chilly. (I got little sleep so I feel like a walking zombie!) I wanted to wear my hairband today but I always worry about it looking like “too much” since its sequins and can look flashy. I’ve got comments before that I wear a lot of black and look gothy—which I think is an odd comment and doesn’t suit me. But yes, I do wear a lot of black clothing. I like it.

Today we have Chris’ follow up appointment about his shoulder surgery. The bruising has cleared, his scars are finally beginning to scab up, and he seems a little more mobile—good signs! But I think he’s still going to be stuck in his sling for a few more weeks. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but his doctor advised him to lay more vertically to help with stiffness and making his shoulder more comfortable. So he hasn’t been able to sleep in bed with me! He’s been having to sleep out on the recliner in the living room (but Ossie snuggles in with him at night!)