goodbye 2010

Top, boyfriend cardigan, equestrian leggings - American Eagle, Forever 21 ring
This has been my main winter go-to outfit: a cardi, leggings, and an oversized top. It is just so cozy and comfy! I found this top on sale at AE a few weeks ago and couldn’t pass it up. It is actually a size XL which I would normally never even give a glance to, but I’ve been favoring tops that are bit longer in length like tunics.

Today is New Years Eve! I typically join in the festivities to meet up with a bunch of friends and “ring in the new year” in an outrageous fashion, but this year I’m just not into the hype. Theaters, restaurants, and bars are going to be ridiculously overcrowded. I think I may just run in town to rent some movies and pick up a dessert for Chris and I tonight. I have turned into such a homebody!

I have though done a little thinking about resolutions because, despite the whole gag of “the first day of your new life can start whenever you choose not just new years”, I do think that the new year brings a turning of a leaf feeling to people. It can feel empowering to have a fresh start. So no cynical judging from me!

I have made a short list of what I’m expecting of myself. Typical resolutions of wanting to be more active/in shape and not being afraid to try new things, but they are ones that are important. Trying new things goes hand in hand with my wanting to expand and start my new blog. I know I feel intimidated by stepping things up from what has been by blog. Followers may not like the extended text posts and its becoming more personalized. I think I worry about how it will come across as well. But what the heck, I should try!

The rest are quite self explanatory. I’m wanting another job beside working at the office and I have an interview at a clothing store this coming Monday so fingers crossed.